Godfather Cocktail

Ingredientes : 
 ■ Scotch: 50 cc
 ■ Amaretto: 30 cc

 ■ 35 ml Scotch
 ■ 35 ml Amaretto liqueur 

Preparación : 
 ■ Poner los ingredientes en un vaso On the Rocks con bastante hielo. Revolver.
 ■ Pour all ingredients directly into a snifterwith ice cubes. Stir gently.

Standard drinkware : 
Glass Old Fashioned.

Variaciones : 
 ■ .
 ■ .


Reseña : One could make the connection between The Godfather movies and this drink which uses the sweet Italian liqueur, amaretto, and the robust, hard flavors of a smooth Scotch. Appropriately, the Godmother is a little softer with vodka. I like this one because it is a slightly more complex Scotch on the rocks but it doesn't ruin or overpower the whisky.